Beginner’s Guide For Starting A Blog 2020

Beginner’s Guide For Starting A Blog 2020

But, After reading this letter Starting a blog , you can start your blog from today and make a path for your success.

Starting a blog isn’t complicated within the least, but all you’d like some guidance, which helps you to start out out a blog in 2020.

Here are the seven easy steps to start out out your profitable blog without making a mistake and a couple of bonus tips which assist you to scale your new branded blog.

Let’s dive into it,

Step 1: Choose a distinct segment For Your Blog
Step 2: Choose an honest Domain For Your Blog
Step 3: Find an honest Web Hosting Provider and Domain
Step 4: found out Your WordPress Blog
Step 5:Grabbing Theme For Your Blog-Choose an Attention
Step 6: Some of Essential Plugins For Your Blog
Step 7: Write and Publish Your 1st Blog content and Make It Live

Bonus: Some Ways to form Money From Your Blog
Before the starting the full process for creating a profitable niche blog,

Might be a number of you are thinking, why you ought to start a blog in 2020?

I always like better to say that 2020 is that the golden arena for starting a blog and grow it,

Because the blogging is being much harder day by day and if you started today, so you have got more opportunities/chances, then others who will start after than you.

Different benefits if you start your blog and succeed it, Here are some Unforgettable Benefits of blogging which helps you :

Let’s dive in,

Step 1: Find a Perfect Niche for Your Blog (Crucial Step For Success)Beginner's Guide To Starting A Blog 2020

This is the foremost important part, and much of newbies are stuck at now.

Did you know? That 80 percent of bloggers leave blogging in starting 6 months because they choose the niche which they don’t enthusiastic to.

Niche is kind of a subject but not a simple topic because they have several topics in it.

Choosing a definite segment is that the fastest because of lose a game within the start.

Are you continue to confused?

Let an example about the niches –

Smart Passive Income – Patt Flynn was started this blog with name of [Smart Passive Income], where he shares strategies to grow your online business. Now Smart Passive Income is one among the foremost successful blogs which are making many dollars a day.

ShoutMeLoud: You all know ShoutMeLoud is one among the foremost significant websites which teaches about WordPress, SEO, Blogging, and far more stuff associated with blogging.

Dont believe it? See this –

Earning report of ShoutMeLoud, and you can see that they make $500+ at the beginning of their blog. This shows that choosing a profitable and interest-based niche helps your blog to grow well.

There are many other blogs that I can show, but i feel you purchased a specific idea of how niche is so essential for creating a profitable blog.

Currently, there are many beneficial niches during which you’ll start your blog, but i do not suggest you accompany these niches because you do not have an interest therein, and If you begin a blog thereon niche, so are going to be bored and quit blogging needless to say.

So, How you’ll find the right niche that you simply won’t regret later

So, let me tell you one Fail-Proof way to seek out out the profitable and interested your niche based for you.Beginner's Guide To Starting A Blog 2020

You have to specialise in these two factors to seek out out the profitable niche for your blog.


  • You simply can make money from that See that ?
  • They have enough affiliate programs or not?
  • Is this niche has real volume of keywords or not?


  • Are you curious about performing on that niche?
  • Can you share the article of that niche?
  • Can you solve other problems together with your writing thereon niche?

I think now you’ll find the right niche after seeing the above part, and if you can’t find out, then you’ll do that to seek out a perfect niche.

  • Take Paper & Pen
  • Write down your interest or which you’re hooked in to (Add three or more) on the list
  • Find the niche which you liked and want to work
  • Also, find an affiliate of that niche
  • You are good to travel

These are some ways to seek out a profitable niche for your beginner blog.

Step 2: Choose an honest Domain for Your BlogBeginner's Guide To Starting A Blog 2020

Selecting the web site domain isn’t very tough and you’ll easily select an ideal name for your new blog. If you made the decision your name so you’ll skip this part.

This for you If you haven’t selected the name till now –

When I started my blogging career, I don’t skills to settle on a premium or brandable domain for my blog, and that’s why I wasted 10+ domains because I don’t love it also they don’t look brandable.

I think you don’t make an error like me?

If Yes! Here are four tips which assist you to hunt out your dream domain –

  • Keep it Short & Simple – plan to keep your domain as short, don’t make it too long because it’s tough to pronounce and keep your name simply because it’s easy to remember. (Jon Morrow changed their name to BoostBlogTraffic to SmartBlogger, and their blog are getting many traffic because now his domain looks simple)


  • Do Use Keywords – you will use your main keyword in your domain, which support you in SEO.


  • Don’t Use Numbers – You can’t use numbers in your domain because it’s tough to remember the numbers


  • Always Use TLD Extension – i prefer to recommend you to use domain extension like .com because it’s for globally.

If you’re still unable to work out the domain for your blog, then you’ll find brandable name using one tool: LeanDomainSearch

Note: Which blogging platform you have to choose?

I am not getting to take much time here to elucidate to you which of them platform is best,

There is tons of blogging platform which you’ll use to form your blog, but I recommended you to travel with WordPress.


Because in other platforms, you can’t have access to edit or customize everything, but WordPress gives you the liberty to form your blog as you’ll.

In WordPress, you’ve got many plugins and themes which you’ll use to form your blog Awesome!

So i feel you’ll get a thought of why WordPress is sweet,

Let us go in and let me tell you step by step to create your blog.

Step 3: Choose an honest Hosting For Your Blog69+*

For making a blog, you’ve to wish web-hosting and domain,

I know you do not realize both of, but wait, let me tell you during this and tell you more about it.

Domain Name – The name is that the name of the online site which readers types within the browser.

Example Of name :

  1. HTTPS://(Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
  2. www (the subdomain)
  3. HabibIdeas (Domain name)
  4. .com(Top Level Domain).

Web Hosting – an online hosting could also be an area where all of your files of your blog are stored a-+nd show your blog lives when someone tries to access that. Hosting is simply just like the hard disk of the pc, which stored all of your data (images, posts, pages, and much of more) and kept your data secured.

So now, you maybe thinking which wordpress hosting is best for you?

There are many kind of web hosting which you will use to start out out your new blog. But I do not recommend to you that because they are worthless.

So instead of supplying you with the ton of hosting list, I recommended you to travel with the siteground.


Siteground is the #one hosting for beginners, and honestly there support and repair are fantastic and really reliable; it is also not very costly like another hosting.

So, are you excited to start out out your business?

If Yes, then lets dive into it,

When I started blogging, i attempted every cheap hosting but the load time is awful

Beginner's Guide To Starting A Blog 2020

In this part, ready to|i’ll”>i will be able to be able to guide you ways you’ll purchase the domain and host from Siteground,

You can also choose the opposite hosting you’d like. Still, I highly recommend you to travel with Siteground because it’s affordable and reliable for beginners who want to undertake to to blogging kind of a business.

Follow these steps to urge hosting and domain for your first blog:

1. Click On This Special Link to start out your first blog.

Grab 70% OFF On SiteGround
I recommend you to travel with a startup plan because it’s more features.

2. Choose Your Favorite Domain

Pick your name, which is straightforward to know. Let example, if you’re curious about opening a food blog and you opt the blog name is food bazar so you’ll accompany

If you haven’t chosen the name yet, so I suggested you read the domain section of this blog to urge more ideas about it. After reading that, you bought many names for your domain.

3. Fill Your Account Information

You should put your information for your account.

4. Enter Your Credit/Debit Card Information

You have to fill your credit/debit card details to urge domain and hosting

5. Confirm The Conditions And Let start

You should verify the terms and conditions,

After that, you’ve to click on the check-out button. it’ll take a few of minutes to the siteground to proceed with the tiny print.

Wait a few of minutes, then check your email for important details related to your account.

And you’re done.

Congratulations! you’ve successfully purchased a hosting and domain for you. you’ve crossed the foremost prominent stop on your because of start your blog.

Let advance and see the thanks to setup your blog.

Step 4: Build up your WordPress


Beginner's Guide To Starting A Blog 2020

Installing WordPress is different from rocket science,

The only thing is that we’ve an accurate guide. Here during this part, ready to|i’ll”>i will be able to be able to how you’ll acknowledged your WordPress site to make it survive the web.

Firstly, you’ve to visit your siteground account, If you already purchased it so you will see the similar interface after login to your account:

You have to select the start of an online site option to make a fresh website.

Then, you’ve to click on the software which you’d wish to put in your website,

Click on the WordPress software to place in to your website. then you’ve to fill some login details about your website:

This information is important, so i like to recommend you to write down your password on dairy so if you forget so you’ll check there,

After fill-out all the knowledge,

Then you have got to click on the large shown button to proceed with the method.

It will take a few of minutes to finish fixing your WordPress website.

Now, click on the proceed button to travel on customer area:

Now, click on my account button on the menu and click on on on the installation tab:

Now, click on the attend Admin Panel to travel to your new blog admin dashboard:

Now, you’ll redirect to your WordPress dashboard then enter your login details which you decide on during the installation and click on on on the login button:

That’s it you only complete the setup fo your first WordPress website, Remember this URL or bookmark it:

If, by chance, you forgot the URL so you’ll use the above URL structure to login to your dashboard (replace name together with your domain).

Step 5: Choose an compulsive Theme

Beginner's Guide To Starting A Blog 2020

After the installing wordpress, theme and blog looks is more important if you are just starting your new blog.

In blogging, the design of the blog matters because if you don’t have a superb design, so you’re losing plenty of traffic and audience. Good design helps to make more trust towards your readers.

In your WordPress inventory, there are a hell lot of free themes that are available for you, but I don’t recommend you to travel thereupon themes because these free themes are easy to be hack, and by this, you will lose you all website data.

If you’d wish to attempt to to blogging as a business, so invest in themes and plugins thanks to this the only investment on your blogging journey. I see many bloggers don’t invest during this type of thing and face many critical issues later.

So which theme is best for you?

I use GeneratePress, which is that the lightest theme (under 50KB), and loads your website fast, and also I liked the design of this theme, and much of professional bloggers are using it because it’s easy to style.

There are a couple of more themes which I are you able to suggest but before that permit me tell you the Few things which you retain in your mind while purchasing a topic –

Make sure that premium themes which you’re purchasing are lightweight and straightforward to use.
Check the theme is compatible together with your new WordPress version.
Always make sure the theme is responsive or not
Support is that the main thing, so attempt to find a topic that has excellent contact support (like Generatepress and Themeshop).

Some of my Favorite Themes (Personally Used)

Astra Pro – Astra Pro is lightweight and straightforward to customize the theme. This theme is like a generatepress, but they have a lot of features which doesn’t available in generatepress, and You can make your homepage attractive and responsive too with using elementor with that.

Focus Theme By Thrive Themes – Focus theme is the most powerful theme which has all necessary options like email opt-in, shortcodes, and many more. This theme is fully responsive and easy to customize. If you are an Affiliate Marketer so this theme is like gold for you because it’s conversion optimized. There are more features that help you to make your website more powerful.

Schema Theme – Schema theme is crafted by mythemeshop, and the best part of this theme that’s this is search engine optimized. It’s also the fastest theme as well.

GeneratePress – GeneratePress is the theme that I am currently using in my this blog, and for me, it’s work good so far because this theme is easy to customize so anyone newbie can customize it. The support of this theme is amazing. If i would like to settle on themes from all the above, i select generatepress due to their stunning looks

After picking one theme now it’s time to install that theme on your blog.

To install any kind of WordPress theme on your blog just follow these below method:

First of all, you ought to be login on your WordPress dashboard ➡ appearance ➡ themes

1. within the themes section, you’ll find various free themes, but if you have already got so, click on the add new button.

2. Click on the upload theme and upload your theme zip and activate that theme on your blog.

And finally, you installed and activated your preferred theme into your blog. Installing may be a theme is a simple task, but the most and important task is to customize that theme

So if you want to customize your theme, click on appearance ➡ customizes, and now you can able to customize your theme.

After making your theme responsive and optimized now, I will tell you some most essential plugin which almost every WordPress users install, and it’s also an important part to run your website on automation..

Step 6: Some Essential Plugins for WordPress

Beginner's Guide To Starting A Blog 2020

WordPress without plugins is nothing because plugins are necessary to (Optimize your content, for SEO, Speed, and lots of more). There are many plugins on WordPress, but there are some plugins that i’m currently using and making such things on autopilot.

Want to understand the list of my favorite plugin?

So, here is that the list of my plugins which i’m personally using almost altogether my website –

Elementor And Thrive Architect – These are basically used for the page builders for designing any page. These plugins allow you to make your dream landing page by just drag and drop. I used both, and they are very lightweight to use and helps me to create a stunning page.

Rank Mathe SEO – SEO is vital to rank and drive tons of traffic. Rank math is that the new SEO plugin that becomes a favourite for each blogger now. Many bloggers suggest you go with Yoast, but I don’t recommend that because they don’t have lots of features like that. For information, you can read the review on my blog.

WordPress Rocket – You may already know that speed is one factor to rank on google. So wp rocket is that the plugin, which helps you to optimize your full website and make it faster. I strongly recommend you to buy this plugin if you are looking for an alternative to this so you can go with autoptimize.

Thrive Leads – If you want to collect emails of your readers so you can try to thrive leads which helps you to make popup lightbox, sticky ribbon, screen filler overlay, content lock, and more.

iThemes Security – Security is that the no.1 priority; repeatedly , somebody tries to hack your website, so this plugin helps you to secure your entire website. Using the safety plugin is important to stay your blog safe.

UpdraftPlus – Backup of your website is important , although your siteground keeps website backup daily. except for more security, I used this plugin to backup my website daily. This plugin helps you to backup your full website, and you’ll restore that data whenever you would like it.

Anti-Spam – repeatedly , someone makes spam comments on your blog. This plugin helps you that if someone discuss your blog and comment seems like spam, so this plugin automatically removes it. – If you’re writing an informative article which features a lot of image in it so this plugin tries to optimize your images and by this your website load fast.

Social Snap Pro – Social snap may be a social sharing plugin, But i prefer this plugin such a lot because they assist to drive traffic from mediums like – Facebook, Twitter, and lots of more platforms.

These are the highest plugins which I almost utilized in my all website to run them properly.

I don’t recommend you to go with nulled or cracked plugins because these types of plugins are easy to hack by the hacker, and by this, you lose all your website data.

If you want to do professional blogging and make money out of it, I highly recommend you keep the investment mindset and treat your blog like a business.

If you are wondering how to install the plugin? Let me help with you that,

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Then go to Plugins → Add New
  3. Then upload your plugin zip file and click on the “install now” button.
  4. After installing, click on the “activate button” to put in that specific plugin.

Now let move on to other topics,

Step 7: Write Your First Beautiful Post and Published It

Beginner's Guide To Starting A Blog 2020

Are you wondering about writing your first blog post?

So let me assist you to write down your first post on your blog. First of all, i would like to congrats you that you simply have successfully found out your WordPress blog, and now it’s time to form some posts for your new blog.

For creating a blog post, you’ve to go: Dashboard → Post → Add New

After that, you’ll land on your post, and here you’ll start writing your first stunning post.

Now, Let me give you some tips that help you to make your first epic post:

If you’re confused about finding the subject of your new post, so I recommended you to try to to some keyword research around your niche, and by searching, you’ll find many awesome keywords that are easy to rank.

Pro Tip: I recommend you go with long-tail keywords because it’s easier to rank.

  • Always tries to make an awesome title of your blog post by using numbers and power words.
  • Make sure you ought to add some images for creating your article more comprehensive; I strongly recommend you to form your article lengthy and more intimately , and by more detail post, you’ll make your reader your true fan.
  • I suggest you undergo with the on-page guide so you’ll optimize your content easily.
  • Use words like I and You to more connect with your readers and try to don’t take copyright images from google. I recommend you always to use copyright-free images.

I think these tips help you to create your first blog post,

Now, Let’s move on to the favorite of every blogger.


Step 8: Some Ways to form Money from your Blog (Bonus)

Beginner's Guide To Starting A Blog 2020

This is the bonus part for you all, where I shared some ways which help you to make money from your blog.

Before starting, let me Congrats, you because you have published your first blog post on your blog.

Let dive into it,

There are several ways which you can use to make money from your blog. In this part, we’ll discuss some ideas which you’ll use to handsome money from your blog.

I have created a list of ways which helps you to make your first dollar online,

Are you excited enough like me?

If Yes, then let’s move on to the list:

Affiliate Marketing: This is one of the effective methods for making money online. In this, you’ve got to market other products on your blog, and if you get a purchase of that product so then, you’ll get a commission from the product owner.

Advertisement on your blog: Most of the common methods ever blogger do this to monetize their traffic and make money handsome money out of it. Many bloggers are using it and making an honest amount of cash .

Two leading websites – Adsense and, You can apply to there program and make money from there.

Offering Service: If you’re an expert on anything like SEO so you’ll offer service to your reader, and that they will directly pay you. This is one of the fastest ways to earn money from your blog.

Selling your course or product: If you recognize the way to sell anything so you’ll create your path and sell to your readers, but before that, you’ve got to create trust towards your audience if you have already got an audience then you’ll sell them anything.

These are the ways that you can use to make money from your blog. But always remember that if you want to make money from your blog so you have to keep patience and do hard work on your blog, and you will see your massive growth.

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Wrapping Up and Now What Next?

Congratulation! you’ve got Created Your First Blog In 2020

But What Next?

This is not an end, but i feel this is often the start of your journey, and you’ve got to find out many things like SEO, Affiliate Marketing, and lots of More things.

For being a successful blogger, you’ve got to find out many things and implement all things to your blog to ascertain the results. i like to recommend you to make the habit of learning and always learn new things by reading the blog and far more stuff.


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