ETEERNVITY 10Pcs Cell Phone Signal Enhancement Stickers,Signal Booster,Portable iPhone/Android Phone External Antenna,Improve Signal in Travelling, Mountaineering, Taking The Lift (SP-5)

Price: $20.66
(as of Mar 28,2021 19:48:32 UTC – Details)

INSTALLATION AND PRECAUTIONS? ?The principle of signal post is to enhance the signal receiving range by lengthening the wavelength of the signal received by the built-in antenna of the mobile phone; ?Wipe the back of the phone clean and find the position of the earphone jack of the mobile phone (some mobile phone charging holes are the earphone jack), that is the position of the main antenna of most mobile phones; if the effect is not good, change the position of the diversity antenna; ?Tear off the white adhesive paper behind the signal sticker and stick it vertically on the back of the phone, with the English letters and the arrow end facing upwards (if there is a film on the back of the phone that needs to be torn, otherwise there will be no effect); ? Restart the phone after posting, most of the phones will show the effect directly, and a small number of phones will experience the weakening of the phone signal for a period of time. This is a normal phenomenon. Wait for 24 hours to see the effect. If the effect is not good, try to restart several times or adjust the paste position; ?Be careful during installation and use, do not rub or break it with external force, keep the signal post clean, do not directly touch the front of the chip with your hands, and the surface must not be contaminated with fingerprints, dirt and sweat; ?The material and thickness of some mobile phone cases will have a little impact on the chip. Please wear a mobile phone case for comparison. If there is no difference, then install the mobile phone case. It is recommended not to use a mobile phone case. PACKAGE INCLUDES?10pcs Cell Phone Signal Booster

? Huge impact – like having a 4 foot antenna on your cell phone.
? Improves Reception, Reduce Static in boats, elevators, cars, buildings, tunnels, and mountains.
? Easy to install, simply peel and stick to the inside of your battery compartment.
? Each Booster is individually packaged ready to be given as a gift.
? This latest research result cellphone antenna signal booster will prevent you from poor signal when travelling, mountaineering, taking the lift.

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