Furniture Anchors (10 Pack) for Baby Proofing, Furniture Straps Anti Tip Furniture Anchor Securing 400 lbs/Keep Baby Pet Safety from Falling Furniture, Metal White Earthquake Straps

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Baby Proofing Metal Furniture Anchors (10 Pack)
Is kiddo on the move? Time to babyproof.
Adventurous toddlers can view a large dresser or bookshelf as the perfect climbing apparatus, and it won’t take much for that seemingly steady piece of furniture to tip over, pinning your child underneath. Your child would likely be injured or killed merely from the impact of the furniture, or they could suffocate from the pressure after just a few minutes.
Anchor these anti-tip furniture straps to prevent furniture tip-overs, which is a great choice to assure child safety, people’s life, and property security.
400 Pounds Endurance Metal Furniture Kit – The furniture straps are made of high-quality stainless steel material, which is rustproof and corrosion-proof. Two sets of furniture anchors can support up to 400 pounds for each piece of furniture.
Easy Installation in Different Ways – Follow the simple instruction, you can install the furniture anchor within 10 minutes. Besides, there’re several ways that you can choose to install: vertical, horizontal, single mount, double mount.
Detachable and Removable – With the screw-closure design, the anti-tip furniture strap can be easily removed whenever you need to move your furniture to do cleaning, rearrange the furniture set, or detach the anchor kits.
Widely Use – The furniture wall anchor can be used on various furniture such as TV stand, drawer, cabinets, bookcases bookshelf, dresser, armoires, wardrobes, and any tall furniture. Secure all the top-heavy furniture around your house and keep your baby safe while crawling in the house.
Do not take any risk, just anchor all your furniture. Enjoy a peaceful and safe life with your children!
Package Contents:
Metal wires x 10 (10.2 inches)
White brackets x 20 (2×0.7 inches)
Wall anchors x 20 (1.2 inches)
Long screws x 20 (1.2 inches)
Short screws x 20 (0.63 inches)

📌CHILD SAFETY: Nothing is more important than living in a safe place. The furniture anchors will secure your furniture in place firmly so you can be assured that your baby and pet won’t be the victim of furniture tip-overs in your own home. Anchor the furniture wall anchor to prevent the top-heavy and unsteady furniture from dumping, create a safe and sound environment for your little one.
📌HEAVY-DUTY & HIGH QUALITY: The baby proofing furniture straps are made of high-quality stainless steel metal material, which has the features of high impact resistance, good flame-retardant, high stability, anti-aging, and cracking. Properly install two sets of anti-tip furniture anchor on each furniture, which can easily withstand a load of up to 400 lbs.
📌MULTI-USE ON VARIOUS FURNITURE: 10 pack baby proof furniture anchors include all hardware including screws, steel wire straps, brackets, expansion nails. It is widely used to anchor furniture such as bookshelf, bookcase, cabinet, drawer, dresser, TV stand, armoires, wardrobes, and any baby furniture. Ensure all the heavy and tall furniture around your home can be anchored tightly for a child-safe environment.
📌EASY INSTALLATION & QUICK RELEASE DETACHABLE: Anti-tip furniture strap simply attaches to the reverse of the furniture and the other end connects to the wall. Installation takes only a few minutes. As the furniture wall straps with the screw-closure design are detachable, you can easily release the straps when you want to move the furniture or clean the behind of the furniture.
📌EARTHQUAKE RESISTANCE: Heavy and tall furniture like storage racks and bookcases are easy to fall when an earthquake happens. Anti-tip furniture anchors not only are designed to baby proof but also can withstand earthquakes and windstorms. The heavy-duty furniture straps can safely secure your furniture items especially the tall furniture that could slide or fall when an earthquake occurs below 5.5 quakes.

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