How Much Does Amazon Affiliate Marketing Make?

In order to induce freedom from their mundane and mediocre day jobs, people always seek the answer. And, Amazon Affiliate Marketing has gained a superb appeal to fulfill that dream. In like manner, while people shifted from other traditional occupations Amazon affiliate marketing has became the very best choice .

Before diving into the foremost discussion, we would wish to mention, Amazon affiliate marketing isn’t that lucrative the way it’s presented to people. it’s some awe-inspiring factors for that more and more folks are joining this program. Before starting out, while they’re with Amazon Associates why not you learn some common mistakes affiliate marketers make.

The best things of Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Well, Amazon is taken into account jointly of the most effective newbie-friendly affiliates within the world. Certainly, there are reasons behind this and some to say.

Easy to begin with

First of all, there’s no fee to use for Amazon Affiliate Marketing . All you’ve got to try to to is apply to the program which is thought as Amazon Associates. Before jumping into the appliance process, you wish to own a web site. After choosing a distinct segment, building an internet site, and having a possible growth, you’ll be able to apply for the program.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The cost is actually low

It’s been clarified soon that Amazon does not want you to pay any application fee. But, you would like to spend for your own sake. you wish a medium- an internet site to be exact, to advertise products. Hence, you’ve got involved the value of maintaining that channel.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

cost is actually low once you start with Amazon Affiliate Marketing
Two things are needed for building an internet site – a site and hosting. For a website, you’ve got to pay once ($2-$15 per year) and for hosting, it costs around $5-$40+ per month (based on the package and hosting company).

Done with the hosting and domain? Now hire a developer who’ll develop your website. this may cost you approximately $100-$250. Yeah, you’ll spend more and develop a hyper-functional website upfront, but that won’t be wise i suppose. You better kick-off with a minimal website, and proportion later looking on your website’s performance and requirements.

Amazon could also be a longtime company

While you are getting yourself started with Amazon, you are getting involved an insanely large eCommerce site that has before achieved trust and authority. it may never be difficult to plug Amazon’s product although most of the products aren’t manufactured by Amazon.

Applicable for any niche

Millions of products are sold through Amazon. And, this outlet is assumed (arguably) the world’s largest eCommerce site. However, if you’re thinking that about the digital products as an exception then you’ll find almost any category which we use in our daily lives.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

So, if you’re planning with any physical niche, then Amazon is undoubtedly the simplest choice. From home design to baby stroller, food supplement to entertainment things – everything’s available on Amazon. Choosing one in every of the categories from there are often profitable if it’s well-researched.

Why you shouldn’t rely on Amazon

While Amazon Affiliate Marketing is an impressive program due to the above-stated reasons, there are other things to see out, also:

Not easy to win the intense competition

The competition is insane. Because the industry is literally way overlarge , you’ve got to seek out something to select up always. Moreover, bloggers and internet marketers build enticing content so that more people can get engaged.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Hard for the beginners

Anyone can start with Amazon Associates, so everybody tries it with their utmost . As a result, easy money seekers create a true crowd here. At the end of the day, it becomes harder for the tyros to find out a beneficial niche.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Lower commission rate (comparatively)

Amazon gives a small commission rate but it’s not that small after all
Similar to other affiliate platforms, Amazon offers a lower commission rate. You might find it difficult to generate a decent income with an about-to-rise blog in the deep ocean of the competition.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

How much you can expect with Amazon Affiliate Marketing ?

You can easily make from $200 to $3000 from an Amazon affiliate website. However, it won’t be wise to answer this in just one sentence. To calculate you have to take several variables into accounts.

  • The amount of traffic a website can expect
  • The number of visitors who will click on the affiliate links
  • Guess, how many people can be the real buyers
  • Also, imagine the average price they may spend
  • And, what could be the commission rate

Let’s assume your main keyword has 20k monthly searches while the estimated long-tail searches are 10k and you have got an average of 2 in SERP position. From the entire of 30k visitors, you’d get 3750 visitors (assuming 13% CTR as your position on the important top).

If 40% of tourists follow your affiliate links then 1500 traffic will visit Amazon from your site. And, if 5% of the entire visitors convert then you’re getting to get 75 actual buyers. Now, think they bought products which have an average price of $75. your monthly income would be like $350.50 from that specific keyword.

You see, the income varies in a wide range of possibilities. First of all, the niche itself is the most significant player in the total calculation. If it’s highly competitive and you’re starting off then it would be difficult to reach the destination.

If your keywords don’t get enough searches that mean there are fewer potentials with your project. After niche analysis, the thing comes next is that the average SERP position. Changing therein place even during a slight manner can cause a severe gain or loss.

Based on the ranking, the CTR are going to be jumping between notable numbers. Don’t forget that, everyone who clicks over the link and comes to your site will not click the affiliate links. And, those would follow the links won’t buy anything.

However, as mentioned above, you’ll make from $100 to $25000 from an Amazon affiliate website. Not one penny you’ll make if your site has poor traffic. And, you can earn more if there’s a big number of visitors coming to your blog. With multiple successful channels, the income are often pushed to a better position.

The monthly income isn’t fixed

Honestly put, the actual income can never be estimated accurately as you have no control over a list of things. But, you can expect better when you will take care of the matters under your complete control. We can’t set some variables with a number and they play a significant role.

  • Seamless user experience is an important parameter, while the conversion is your ultimate goal. To ensure that you require a website that satisfies users with its eye-soothing design and super-fast loading speed. Despite high-quality content, your site may give you unwanted results if it’s not optimized for conversion.
  • Another vital player may be a good practice of SEO. Regardless of your niche, target audience, and goals, you must know how to implement the best SEO. Both the on-page also as off-site optimization is required. Moreover, if Google doesn’t love your site then users won’t find it. Keeping safe from any penalty and boosting user engagement, start taking care of the site now.
  • Have you considered the user intent of your target keywords? If users are looking for information and your site is ready for that then the sales would be expectedly lower. Otherwise, you’ve got to figure with the customer traffic and buyer keyword. You must need to rank for those buyer-focused keywords.
  • Finally, Amazon’s commission structure may be a key role player in your total earnings. Amazon’s likely to pay up to 10% based on various categories. Hence, if your site covers high-paying-commission products then you’ll expect a much bigger income. And, whatever someone buys within 24 hours after clicking your affiliate links, you’ll get a commission for all of them (even if you don’t promote those products.)

What we recommend

Create something new, do something crazy. You don’t need to follow what the successful people are doing. Instead, build your own style: with contents, site design, etc.

The Definitive tip for Becoming Successful with Online Entrepreneur” sort of books? Well, if you’re constantly looking for these posts, please stop now. The intriguing titles will cost you some loss from your precious time.

It’s high time to take some action. Whatever you want to accomplish, do it right away. The more you will get into reading the guru’s compelling guides the later it will be starting your work.

Don’t fear the loss. People learn best while they are making mistakes. And, you can’t have a chance of doing wrong until you get yourself involved in something.

Already an Amazon Affiliate Marketer? Have you tried this tool?

If you’re already within the Amazon Affiliate business, we might highly recommend you to use AzonPress. The plugin is solely created and dedicated for Amazon Associate partners. You won’t need to switch between your WordPress admin panel tabs and Amazon product tabs anymore but operate your whole business from only one browser tab.

It is auto-generated product tables, comparison tables, and bestseller lists are there to make sure you a minimum of a 55% boost on your Amazon affiliate conversion rate.

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