How to Start a Unique Blog in 2020 (+ Resources with EVERYTHING)

Should we start blogging in 2020?

we have asked some questions by bloggers
how bloggers make easy income?
can we create a blog for free?
how we’ll pick a good domain name for our blog?

but all these questions is one meaning:
why we start bloging? Should we start blogging?
with the authority of video on youtube and facebook,the emergences of (microblogging) like instagram and other social media platform,if the all idea of blogging is little. than, out of date.

choose the right topic for blog

the most problem with blogging what is that if you know?

some people dont know there chance to failure,they spend long time like months and year creating blog that which zero chance of succeeding. Eventually, than they give up start over,but again try to do better with invest of months ever years creating second but blog does not work.
the reason?
not becaus of they are pointless,not because of they are lazy.because they are choosing meaningless topic for blog.
if you started a personal blog , there rules are different.are you enjoying the topics? is it enertaining you? those two question are only should matter to you.

but if you are trying to start a blog which bring in traffic…
if you want to start a blog which will make passive income…

then you need to pick a workable blog topic which has good chance to succeed.

How to choose a trending blog topic?

these can be your hobbies,the topics which you suspect are high profitable,or something random.
more than bloggers try to be cute.”if there no competition for their topic,creating successful blog maybe easy”
but unfortunately it is wrong way.
if there is no competitor, than who will link to you? and from where your audience will come?
but more competition there is in blogging platform,the easier it is for new blogger to get success in that platform.
So, Do not try to be not try to be clever.

so choose a topic for blog that has an existing audience like popular blogs for the audience’s attention.

Write Your First Post!

now it is entertaining part.writing your first content for blog.thinking ideas in your head,making them into words on computer screen,and publishing that in worldwide!

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