JARDEON Acoustic Panels White Sound Proof Padding for Wall Decoration and Noise Reduction, Beveled Edge Tiles 12” X 12” X 0.4”, 6 Pack

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Product Description

JARDEON Acoustic PanelsJARDEON Acoustic Panels

 Sound Absorbing Panels Sound Absorbing Panels

JARDEON Acoustic panels – A quiet night, A musical feast

JARDEON is an innovative factory with many years of history. We research and develop products by ourselves and choose high-quality and safe materials. We always insist on producing high-quality products.

Our SGS Professional Acoustic Panels :

NRC: 0.9 – SGS NO. XMIN190100254CCMFORMALDEHYDE FREE: E0 Class – SGS NO. SHAEC1709892601FIRE-SAFE: B1 Class – SGS NO. XMIN190100052CCM

Noise Reduction PanelsNoise Reduction Panels


In order to fully the quality of the acoustic panels, we need to go through:

1. Choose High-Quality Materials -> 2. Healthy Dyeing -> 3. Density Configuration -> 4. Metal Detection -> 5. Automatic Cutting -> 6. Hot Stamping of LOGO -> 7. Dust Removal -> 8. Finished Product Qualification Inspection (SGS Standard) and Other Steps > Finally Delivered to Your Home.

There are a lot of noises in life, JARDEON professional ultra-thick sound-absorbing panels escort your peaceful life.

Children's frolic / sound padding

Children's frolic / sound padding

loud music / sound dampening

loud music / sound dampening

Neighbor noise / sound proofing

Neighbor noise / sound proofing

Affect your rest when children play

JARDEON high-quality acoustic treatment dampening panels can help you deal with these noises and give you a wonderful time.

When a family concert starts, disturb your dreams

JARDEON high-quality acoustic wall panels can help you deal with these noises and give you a quiet night.

The noise from neighbors makes it hard to sleep

You need JARDEON high-quality soundproof ing wall panels !

sound absorbing panelssound absorbing panels

What’s the difference – JARDEON noise acoustic panels ?

When you touch it, there will be a solid feeling, because it is of very high quality, you will find it unique.

absorbing panelsabsorbing panels

Why choose heavier sound insulation board?

Heavier acoustic panels have higher density and stronger sound processing capabilities.

125~5000 HZ , the highest sound absorption coefficient reaches above 0.9. The noise reduction coefficient is about 0.8 ~ 1.10.

JARDEON Acoustic PanelsJARDEON Acoustic Panels

How to effectively deal with noise ?

Identify the noise sourceConfirm that it is not the noise from the windowPaste the sound-absorbing panels correctlyCover 80% of the wall, covering entire, no gaps, quantity varies but to have effective soundproofing, a box of panels isn’t enough, these panels have to be installed onto the entire surface of ceiling or walls or floors.

wall panels or soundproof doorwall panels or soundproof door

How to install the best ?

Protect the wall :

Heavy Duty Mounting Double-Sided Tape

Does not fall off :

Screws FixingIndustrial glue

sound absorbing panelssound absorbing panels

High Quality

absorbing panelsabsorbing panels

Heavier and Denser

JARDEON Acoustic PanelsJARDEON Acoustic Panels

Sound Absorption Function

wall panels or soundproof doorwall panels or soundproof door



12 Colors

5 Colors

5 Colors

3 Colors

3 Colors




Large Square

3D Line Hexagon

3D Shield Hexagon


Easy Installation & Diy Yourself

❤️ SGS STRICT TEST:In the frequency of 2000 Hz ~ 5000 Hz, average absorption coefficient: 0.8, NRC: 0.9 (SGS NO. XMIN190100254CCM), Properly installing a sufficient number of panels in one space can significantly reduce noise, eliminate sound impurities and improve speech intelligibility, each panel is SGS strict environmental protection test, Formaldehyde free: E0 Class (SGS NO. SHAEC1709892601); Fire-safe: B1 Class (SGS NO. XMIN190100052CCM ) No Toxic
❤️ APPLICABLE:Professional acoustic control / treatments, noise reduction ( Neighbor Call / Snore / Piano / Footstep / Talking / TV / Car horn sound etc. ) – Used for ceiling, main wall, TV wall, Window; Offices, apartment, home theaters, studios, school, stage, rehearsal rooms, concert halls, podcasting, churches, dog kennels
❤️ EASY TO INSTALL: So light tiles, that you can place them on your walls easily with double-sided tape (Need to be purchased separately) , not damage the paint
❤️ JARDEON brand box / Pack of 6, covers 6 sq. ft. (Covers 1 sq. ft. per sheet). If you are not satisfied with our products, we offer 100% refunds, no questions asked. Click ADD TO CART above to get yours now!

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