men’s cold weather shoes and for walking 2020

men’s cold weather shoes and for walking 2020

Best Shoes For men Winter Season 2020

Welcome to the best men's walking shoes. Men's Cold Weather Shoes  While boots tend to be the default selection for outdoor adventuring of all sorts, there are a host of occasions when boots can be a bit heavy, hot and generally cumbersome – which is where walking shoes come in.

Men's Cold Weather Shoes

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Although it is tempting to think of walking shoes as being pretty much the same as street or fashion trainers, there are plenty of differences, especially at the more technical end of the market.

In fact, the best walking shoes hit an almost exact midpoint between the more robust and heavy hiking boots, and the street shoe or trainer (if you're not sure what you're after, you might also want to check out our pick of the best hiking boots and the best running shoes).

Men's Cold Weather Shoes

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A quality pair of walking shoes are going to be lightweight, but provide good support for the foot during long days out, increasing comfort overall.

There’s usually a water-proof membrane to stay weather out, also as extended protective panels round the sides of the shoe to guard against sharp stones slicing into the shoe (and your foot).

Men's Cold Weather Shoes

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Many of the simplest walking shoes also will incorporate a trail-shoe style rock plate or similar. this is often basically a shield within the midsection of the shoe to guard against sharp stones and stone bruises.

If in doubt about the severity of a route then boots are usually the safest bet, and also bear in mind that serious mud and flood water can really only be defeated with a classic pair of the best wellies – however, for everything else, grab a pair of the best walking shoes and you'll be ready to hit the trail.


So what do you need to consider when figuring out which pair for buy? The key is to pick a comfortable fit, as well as considering the terrain you’ll be covering.

The best men’s walking shoes offer a reinforced sole (usually TPU) to fend off stones underfoot, a robust rand to protect the sides, and an aggressive, grippy sole.

Many walking shoes will have a waterproof membrane built in, which can be useful in wet grass, for example, but can also limit breathability if you’re really gunning it, so if you’re thinking of picking up a pair of these, it’s worth considering how you’ll mainly be using your shoes.

Unlike boots, rain resistance in walking shoes is a bit of a red herring, as without the closed calf of the boot your feet will be soaked in heavy rain, waterproofing or not.

Others have made their lightness and flexibility around the ankle more of a benefit by incorporating sticky rubber and protective high rands to deliver a hybrid approach/scrambling shoe that can cope with pretty much anything in the hills.

More aggressive tread patterns are ideal for muddy conditions, but handle rocky smearing poorly, while stickier rubber will wear out faster and can be slippy in muddy conditions.

Although spec is important, getting the right size is absolutely essential. It’s a good idea to try on a few pairs to get a good idea of any potential issues. Also, keep in mind that if you are planning high-energy walking pursuits, you might want to size up as you would for running shoes, because your feet will swell over longer stretches.


The reasons for getting a good pair of shoes Men’s Cold Weather Shoes for walking are many and varied. The best options will improve performance by making your hiking easier and more comfortable.

Plus, once you’re done you’ll be able to pop your muddy shoes in the boot and drive off in a fresh pair.

Proper walking shoes are ideal for lighter hikes, short approaches and summer rambles, as well as faster and lighter mountain expeditions.

Although you’d be best off with the extra support of boots for the really rough stuff, some of our best men’s walking shoes do offer a ‘mid’ style, providing some support akin to a boot but with more ankle movement.

Unsure which type of footwear is right for you? Take a look at our walking boots vs walking shoes guide to discover the key differences.

There’s also a whole sub-category of walking shoes dubbed ‘approach shoes’, which build in more scrambling and rock climbing orientated traits, like sticky rubber and extended lacing to grip the entire foot tightly.


Men's Cold Weather Shoes

Men's Cold Weather Shoes

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