Privise Webcam Cover | PC, Smartphone & Laptop Camera Cover • Made in Germany • Compatible for MacBook, iMac & iPhone • Strong Webcam Sticker • Effective Privacy Protection • Ultra Thin (black) • 3pc

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Product Description

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Privise – The Ultimate Camera Security Cover

It’s an uncomfortable fact of modern day life that your computer camera can be easily hijacked by even the most amateur of hackers – all it takes is a simple software program that’s readily available on the international market or the darkweb. With one click of an email or a downloaded application, even a computer protected by the best antiviral software can be hacked to take control of your device’s camera, making everything in the field of view of your webcam or phone camera viewable by outsiders. The only protection you can really depend on is hardware protection in the form of a camera cover slide.

Designed to fit just about any smartphone, laptop or tablet device, the Privise camera slide cover means you can take back control of your privacy with complete peace of mind. Our webcam blocker will not affect the performance of your camera in any way, and is designed to provide you with added protection against dust, liquids and scratching.

German Quality for our US Customers

Privise is not just another chinese piece of plastic! With a great, unobtrusive design that blends into the background of your electronic device, the Privise webcam cover slide offers you affordable German Quality plus the highest manufacturing standards. But don’t just take our word for it. Our camera blocker has recommended by both Trendhunter and Gadgetflow as the ultimate in secure computer protection.

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Webcam Cover

Webcam Cover

Webcam Cover

Webcam Cover

Webcam Cover

Webcam Cover

Protect Your Privacy And Your Camera With Privise

The Privise sliding webcam cover is designed with your security in mind. Once attached over your device’s webcam, you can decide with a single slide whether the camera is active or not.

Not just for security, our webcam privacy cover is also designed to protect the lens of your camera from scratches, knocks, bumps, liquids and dust.

One Size Fits All*

Sleek and modern, with a thickness of just 0.8 mm, the Privise webcam privacy shutter is designed to fit most regular computer devices on the market today. Even a notebook can be closed when one of our camera blockers is attached.

The Privise phone and computer camera blocker is available in white or black, to suit your style and your look.

The Privise is the ultimate web camera cover for: laptop, notebook, surface book, mobile phone, smartphone (front or back camera), iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac +Pro, desktop computer (when fitted with an integrated webcam) and all Samsung computers.

*Only partially compatible with Macbook Pro 16´ from 2020

Built To European Union Standards:

Made from sturdy, UV-resistant plastic, the Privise slide camera cover is manufactured in Germany and is made to last the distance. This self-adhesive phone and laptop camera cover slide is designed to attach securely to your device with a 3M glue backing and offers easy, residue-free removal.

Fits to any device:

FITS FOR: ✓ Laptops, Notebooks & Surface Books ✓ Mobile Phones & Smartphones for Front- & Back-Camera ✓Apple iPhone, iPad, Macbook & iMac +Pro ✓ Desktop Computer with integrated Webcams ✓all Samsung products

Original from Privise

Easy to use

Universally applicable

✅THE ULTIMATE IN COMPUTER AND PHONE CAMERA SECURITY: Easy to install and simple to use, you decide with the webcam cover whether your phone, laptop or computer camera is active or not.
✅ ULTRA SLEEK AND PROFESSIONAL: Tired of using a temporary webcam sticker or even a piece of paper to cover your camera lenses? The Privise slide webcam cover is ultra thin and very unobtrusive. It can be easily removed without leaving sticky residue and will not affect the performance of your camera.
✅ SUPERIOR QUALITY: Not just made for computer security, this cover is also designed to protect the sensitive lens of your camera from knocks and scratching. Our webcam covers are the only ones on the market designed and manufactured in Germany, so you know they’re built to last for years of use.
✅ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Measuring 1.2 x 0.7 cm and with a thickness of just 0.8 mm, our webcam blocker will fit seamlessly with all your laptop, tablet and smartphone devices. The Privise can be attached to just about any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.
✅ PACK OF THREE: Save when you purchase our bulk webcam cover pack of three. One each for your smartphone, tablet and laptop, we’ve got you covered!

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