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D100 Qi Wireless Charger Bluetooth Premium Speakers. Docking Station with Built in Mic Hands free call. Station for iPhone and Samsung phone



Azpen Dockall Wireless Charger,Bluetooth Speakers Bose Premium Speakers


 AzpenComfortable Wireless Charger With Bluetooth Speakers Bose a developer

of creative solutions with cutting-edge technology, design,

and features, announced it has added another Qi Wireless Charger

to its line of DockAll wireless dock stations/chargers. The new model,

the DockAll Slim, is a similar, smaller version of Azpen’s CES® 2018

Innovation Awards Honoree,DockAll D100 AzpenComfortable Wireless Charger With Bluetooth.

The Docking slim is designed.

to wirelessly charge a single device via Qi Wireless technology and is

capable of docking smartphones up to 7 inches tall. The company

also announced it has added Jet Black, Gray, and Porcelain White color.

<strong>  1 / 1Each universal DockAll Wireless Charger features a dual-channel 4.0 Bluetooth Hi-Fi speaker system, a built-in Qi wireless charging with a powerful 10-watt coil, a MicroSD slot for cards up to 64GB, and more.</strong>
Bluetooth Speakers Bose

Comfortable Wireless Charger With Bluetooth Speakers Bose

“We’re excited about this announcements, Azpen president. The different colors were specially chosen for their aesthetic value and

contemporary feel, making it best  for virtually any setting.DockAll Slim Qi Wireless Charger D101The  new universal  DockSlim

Wireless Charger D101 is compatible.with a variety of smartphones up to 7 inches tall, allowing users to keep their new wireless charging

devices powered and ready for use. It features built-in Qi wireless charging with a powerful 10watt coil and a MicroSD slot for cards up to

32GB. It can wirelessly charge an assortment of smartphones, including the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and a variety of Samsung models.  It

chargesa single device at a time. Other features include 4.0 Bluetooth Hi-Fi speaker; audio support for MP3, WWA, and WAV;  ambient

LED light for Qi Wireless charging status; side panel music controls; and rubberized finish with slip-resistant pads. It charges at a

comfortable up-right viewing angle for convenient dock andwatch capability.DockAll Qi Wireless Fast Charger D108  ‘The universal

DockAll Wireless Fast Charger D108 is designed specifically for applications where a quick charge is desired. It can charge multiple devices

at the same time via wireless or through a wired connection and is capable of docking numerous sizes of smartphones and tablets up to 13

inches.It is 10-watts of Tri Coil technology provide quick charging capability. With Qi wireless fast charging technology,the D108 can

wirelessly charge certainsmartphones while parked on the docking station.For those devices that are not Qi wireless capable, the docking

station has two full-size USB ports on the back for charging additional devices.It comes with a dual-channel  4.0 Bluetooth Hi-Fi speaker

system; an up to 64GB MicroSD card slot; built-in microphone; two built-in speakers; capacitive-touch, front-panel controls; and upright

charging for convenient dock-and-watch capability.




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