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The Mastrena espresso machine is a coffee lover’s white whale

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How much would would be a coffee machine?

Starbucks equips their shops exclusively with Mastrena espresso machines by Thermoplan AG. We’ll get to their cost during a moment, except for comparison’s sake, let’s believe what you would possibly spend for your daily caffeine kickstart.


If you’re a university student, maybe you’d skip the value of a machine entirely and head straight to Starbucks itself. If you are doing have a coffee machine, it’s probably a cheap four-cup unit that costs but 100 dollars.


As you get older and head out into the work market (whatever shape it’s in these days), your need for coffee doesn’t abate but hopefully you’ll afford to pay a touch more—maybe a few hundred for a nicer model.
Eventually, you would possibly go full-on coffee snob, sneer at Starbucks and buy an upscale elegant five-star espresso machine.


But would you spend a five-figure sum on an espresso machine? Probably not, but that’s what Starbucks spends on its Mastrena espresso machines. The high price, including an exclusive supply deal, means the Mastrena is as elusive to most coffee lovers because the beluga was to Captain Ahab.

First, let’s review the machine itself.

In the 1990s, Starbucks used a special sort of machine, the Linea by La Marzocco. These are standard espresso machines with regular portafilters. They need some expertise to use to their full potential, also , but they’re nothing that you couldn’t master yourself if you worked up to that level.


Once Starbucks became the all-powerful coffee force that it’s today, the corporate switched to super-automatic machines. While the former espresso machines needed a bit of attention, super-automatics just require you to set the settings, push a button, and away you go.


They brought in the Mastrena from Thermoplan AG. This coffee machine, the Mastrena CS2, was a superp-automatic. It featured a huge hopper on top that would hold an enormous amount of beans—far quite even the foremost ardent of coffee addicts are likely to use for themselves in one day.

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Price:$2,938.00 In Amazon

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Also had a built-in burr grinder that would grind beans at a quicker rate than you did need for home use. Of course, the unit had a frothing wand attached thereto . Over the past few years, a replacement model called the Mastrena II has begun to exchange the Mastrena CS2.

How much does a Mastrena espresso machine cost?

The Mastrena is believed to cost between $15,00 and $17,00. Needless to mention , that’s quite even the foremost passionate espresso lover is probably going to hand over .



Can you buy a Starbucks espresso machine?

I know what you’re thinking. “If I can just work my high like the company ladder, or become a successful entrepreneur, I’ll be ready to afford a Mastrena myself!” And perhaps that’s true. But you almost certainly won’t be ready to buy one.


You’d have to buy Starbucks first. Not just a cup of coffee, mind you, but the entire company. This is a part of what gives them such an allure, and a part of what keeps Starbucks’ rivals from having the ability to tap into their espresso-making secrets.


So, if you’re hoping to inform your friends you’ve bought a “Starbucks machine,” then your options are limited.
You could choose one among the normal espresso machines Starbucks utilized in the ’90s. While they still cost several hundred dollars, a minimum of they’re more attainable than a machine that costs the maximum amount as a second hand car.


The other way is to attend for the Mastrena CS2 to become obsolete and hit the 2ndary market. As this replacement cycle progresses, used CS2 machines should become available and that they will likely cost considerably but they did once they were new, very similar to the old Marzocco machines do today.

Why is a Mastrena espresso machine so expensive?

Mastrenas are industrial machines engineered to handle a huge amount of espresso grounds as quickly as possible while still maintaining beverage quality. For most folks , that’s not something we’ve to stress about.


For a company like Starbucks that cranks out Frappuccinos almost non-stop, it is essential to their brand, and so they pay these exorbitant sums. Being the global coffee-making giant that they are, they can afford it.

Starbucks’ deal with Thermoplan AG

Thermoplan AG entered into their present affect Starbucks in 2008. While they’ll be a touch company nestled during a tiny a part of Switzerland, there’s no denying that these machines are business for them. The company raked in $130 million in 2013 alone from sales of these coffee machine to Starbucks.


Thermoplan AG machines manufactures that distribute coffee to countless clients around the world, but they are actually a comparatively little company that employs are around 230 people. The town in Switzerland where they’re located, Weggis, is additionally small. It’s home to just a few thousand people.


A few dozen people among the Thermoplan AG workforce are dedicated to creating the machinery faster and better. Most of the opposite employees are factory workers who assemble the machines. The assembly process takes time, but perhaps not as much as one might think for such a vaunted machine—about eight hours.


The machines are subject to a rigorous testing process before they will be shipped. They must brew a minimum of 100 perfect cups of coffee before they’re considered able to be sent off. (No word on how many of those 100 perfect cups go towards well-deserved coffee breaks for the staff, although that would definitely be quite a “perk.”) Computers help achieve this perfection, standardizing the brewing process for the machines and helping reduce the potential for human error that might spoil your espresso.


So the big secret about Starbucks’ commercial espresso machines is that they’re industrially designed for industrial services, and yet from the customer’s perspective, they deliver a reasonably intimate latte and espresso-making experience.


From the little company that builds them, to the large income they generate, Starbucks’ superp-automatic computerized espresso makers gives the multi-billion-dollar coffee machine conglomerate with priceless efficiency and therefore the taste of success.

Should We Buy a Mastrena Espresso Maker?

If you have the money and connections to get a Mastrena espresso maker then you should feel free to go ahead and pull the trigger on one. However, most of the people aren’t looking to spend that much money on an coffee maker and, frankly, don’t need a number of the commercial features that a Starbucks would. If you’re opening your own cafe then there are a spread of other names within the commercial coffee maker space which will offer tons of the same features as Mastrena.

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If you’re someone trying to find a home coffee maker then the Mastrena coffee maker is perhaps far more money and a spotlight than you would like to place into your espresso habit. Electric espresso machines just like the Breville BES870BSXL have tons of an equivalent features because the Mastrena coffee maker but during a smaller, more consumer-friendly setup. You get an attached storage hopper, burr grinder, milk frother, cistern , and more essential features at a fraction of the value . Plus, better of all, you’ll order one immediately and have it at your door during a few days.

The cost and energy it might fancy get a Mastrena coffee maker is way quite you ought to need to plan to good espresso reception . Save your money, find an excellent solution that meets your needs, then sit back and luxuriate in your fresh espresso.

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