Ultrasonic Portable Washing Machine – Bi Directional Rotating Compact Turbine, Bubbler- Sterilizes and Removes Dirt, Mini Turbo Washer for Travel, Business, Apartment, Light Personal Laundry

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Use just enough water to wash light personal laundry. For example t-shirts, undergarments, face masks ect. You can allow washer to loop through each cycle for 30 minutes, or adjust model according to needs. Washer will automatically shutdown after 30 minutes.

Turbine RotatingTurbine Rotating

Rotating Turbine

Add up to 1kg of laundry to maximize power efficiency of turbine. This will allow the turbine to sterilize your garments more effectively & quickly.

Ultrasonic SterilizationUltrasonic Sterilization

Ultrasonic High Frequency

This feature increases the sterilization rate to help remove grime.


Light weight & portable

Fits in your luggage & doesn’t take up to much space



Housing material


Product size


Voltage input/output



4 washing modes

AUTO CIRCULATION CLEANING – once you set up washer to suitable bucket w/water, add your personal laundry and preferred detergent. Plug in and press the power button on remote to begin auto circ. Washer will begin with a 2min turbine cleaning, 1.5min ultrasonic vibration cleaning, and then a 5min bubbling cleaning. This will repeat for about 30min. You can also cycle through each mode manual (please note that you will still need to wash off clothing. This is not a dryer) 
ULTRASONIC HIGH FREQUENCY – take for example, these washer machines will send out vibration waves for a higher sterilization rate to remove dirt more effectively.
DIRECTIONS – use a washing bucket or small tub (not included) & attach the washer using the magic suckers to the side of the bucket. Fill bucket with proper amount of water (around 10qts of water/washer works more efficient when it is closer to the surface of water) soak light weight clothes with proper amount of water & pour appropriate amount of your preferred scrubbing liquid. Once you connect the laundry power, press remote to begin combo cycle. 
ECO FRIENDLY – Water-saving and energy-saving, perfect for your lightweight personal laundry. Outer shell is made out of nontoxic, eco friendly ABS

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